Mini Cheddars


Mini Cheddars is one of the UK's most established snack brands and is loved by a wide range of different consumers. Despite its deceptive size, Mini Cheddars delivers a surprisingly satisfying cheesy hit any time the munchies strike. Aimed at a broad target, mainly families, Mini Cheddars are ideal for when you have the tummy rumbles and you want something genuinely cheesy to keep you going until meal time.
As well as Original flavour, Mini Cheddars come in Cheese & Onion, Branston, BBQ and Mature Cheddar flavours. Mini Cheddars are available in 35g handypacks, 50g grab bags, multipacks, 200g sharing bags and can be purchased in a Christmas drum (250g) during the festive period.
The brand also has a sub range called Crinklys which is a baked, crinkled, crispier version of Mini Cheddars and a great alternative to crisps. Flavours include Cheese & Onion, Salt & Vinegar and Prawn Cocktail which can only be purchased in a Christmas drum.
In 2006, Mini Cheddars and Crinklys relaunched in a healthier format. Using a blend of sunflower and vegetable oil, saturated fat has been reduced by 30% on Mini Cheddars and 40% on Crinklys. Original Mini Cheddars are free from artificial colours, flavours and MSG.